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It’s been 1 month and 3 days since the release of my memoir, Deep Water. This book is very intimate, open and vulnerable. It allows the reader a front seat into my personal life. When I first decided to write this book, I knew I would have to “put it all out there” and I did. Was I scared? YEAH! Was I fearful? Absolutely! But I was also determined to put it out there because somebody else’s healing was trapped in my words. I couldn’t be responsible for not using my testimony and my gift. Somebody’s life depended on it.

The reviews have been amazing. The sales have been okay. The support from family and close friends has been 100%. Stepping out, writing books, creating another stream of income for myself has been eye opening because it really does show you who really supports you. Now I better understand what people mean when they say that people will support you UNTIL they have to pay for your gift.

God gives us the power to get wealth and sometimes people want your power but don’t want to pay for what you’ve had to sacrifice for. Power isn’t free. It costs, so I encourage you all to support those that you love and PAY for their gifts. Buy the products, go to the concerts, buy AND read the books. It’s the action behind the words that count.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a copy of Deep Water, click the link below:

If you’ve already purchased a copy, PLEASE leave a review wherever you purchased it. Reviews help me to get more exposure.

Spread Love,



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