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So, it’s been almost a month since I’ve blogged but I wanted to address something. What are you responsible for as it pertains to YOU? “What do you mean?” What I mean is, after you’ve taken care of everyone, given them everything you have, what’s left for you? How do you feel? Are you depleted? Energized? Aggravated? Enlightened? How are YOU?

I ask these questions because so often we get caught up in doing for everyone else and almost ALWAYS neglect ourselves. Yes, you do it. You’re currently doing it. Hey, I do it too. But at some point we have to take responsibility for ourselves in every aspect of our lives. So today, I just wanted to give you a few responsibilities for yourself and I ask that you take these, meditate on them and then see if you are doing them. If you’re not, find out how you can do these. If you are, find out how you can do them better, okay. Let’s go!

You are responsible for…

  1. The energy you bring into a room.

  2. Your OWN happiness.

  3. Your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional health.

  4. Your OWN finances.

  5. Being self sometimes. You DO matter!

  6. Your response to any given situation.

  7. Forgiving yourself for your mistakes.

  8. Moving on with your life.

  9. Your purpose and destiny.

  10. Your own soul salvation.

You can go and add more to this list because there are a whole lot more of responsibilities. Just make sure that you are aware of yourself and your responsibilities to yourself. ? Remember, what goes into the cup that runs over is for you. The running over portion is for everyone else. Take care of YOU.

Spread love yall,


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