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The Sunday Girl

It’s a gorgeous Sunday afternoon. You’ve cooked a great spread, cleaned the house, went to church and fellowshipped with your friends and family and now you go home. Home to silence. Home to peace. Home to yourself. You sit your purse on the counter, kick your shoes off, remove all of your makeup, get comfortable in your sweatpants and t-shirt, fix your Sunday dinner plate and relax.

You turn the television on, find something to watch you and you take a nap…only to be awaken by a phone call or a text message. It’s him. You haven’t talked to each other in a week but today, on Sunday, he decides to contact you. Not a “Hi” or “Bye” has been expressed throughout the past 6 days but today, he wants to talk.

You take no time in answering the call or responding to the text. You drop everything for him. Although the conversation is brief and he shows little to no concern about your feelings, provides no excuse for his absence, you still show interest in him. You go about the rest of your Sunday with a smile on your face because he made a difference in your day.

Later that night, you get ready for the next day…you shower, wrap your hair, iron your work clothes and send a goodnight text message that yields no response…for 6 more days. Then Sunday comes back around and there he is again and the cycle starts over. You’ve done this dance with him for months.

Sad story huh? Have you realized that you are his Sunday girl? He only contacts you on one specific day. He doesn’t engage in a meaningful conversation because he’s juggling too many other girls on other days. You take his once a week communication as confirmation of a relationship that doesn’t even exist. It’s a fallacy, girl. Don’t be fooled. Wake up and realize that you are being used.

If he is truly interested, he will put forth more effort than a phone call or text message once a week. You’d be more than just his Sunday girl. You’d be his girl every minute of the hour of EVERYDAY. Maybe he’s not ready for commitment to one person. That doesn’t make it right and you are not a placeholder.

It’s 2017. Don’t let no man be half interested in you. You are worth too much. Cut him off and wait for God to present you with what you really need. Whether you are the Sunday, Monday or Thursday girl, if he’s not putting in equal effort, chuck the deuces and bounce.

I just wanted to encourage my fellow Sunday girls today. I used to be a Sunday girl but I made a promise to myself that I would not waste my time with someone who doesn’t make time for me. Love is out there…REAL love. And guess what? Love is patient. I encourage you all to let patience have her perfect work IN you today.

Like The Supremes said, “You can’t hurry love. You just have to wait.”

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