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This week I’ve been interviewing candidates for a position at my job, so I’ve been really busy and not been able to do any actual work. As I started to get ready for the 5th interview this week, I sat at my desk skimming over the persons’ resume and their application and I kinda zoned out for a few minutes. I started thinking about some past jobs I interviewed for and the different skills that are needed to do an interview and exceed at it. Then I started thinking about past friendships and relationships I had that never amounted to anything positive.

Then it hit me. Not one time did I actually interview anybody for any position they had in my life. We just kinda created a friendship or relationship based off of some common interest but mostly from a dysfunction that we really thought was a pure connection. How many times have you actually sat down and thought about the friendships you have and how you got to the point where you are now? Did you even consider interviewing that person before you became friends or started a relationship with that person? Are they qualified to be connected to you? What skills do they possess? Can they handle conflict well? What makes them an asset to you? Also, have you interviewed yourself to see if you have skills and assets that will be beneficial to them? Why did they gravitate towards you?

I remember while we were in the Bahamas right before thanksgiving. This random lady walked up to us and she began talking to us about interviewing guys that seem interested in us before we decide to date them and how important it is in the decision making. You never know what you are getting yourself into. I didn’t know who sent her our way and it really didn’t hit me about what she was saying until this week. There are some serious wolves in sheep clothing roaming around seeking whom they can manipulate whether it’s a friend or someone that wants to date you. Be careful out there yall.

I can literally count on one hand the friendships and relationships that I currently hold and treasure that are positive connections, not only based off of common interests but also cause me to want to be more and go after more in life. These connections challenge me to be a better version of myself not just for me, but for everyone else. I said all of that to say this, take the time out to interview the people that want to walk into your lives and attach themselves to you and not only that, but do some background checks too. Just because you impress someone in an interview doesn’t mean that you will get the job.

Much love ya'll,


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