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Confessions of a Baker

Take a look at the picture above. Doesn't it look scrumptious? It really looks like that icing took hours to make and I hope that the cake underneath it took a little time to put together as well.

Coming from a baker, sometimes when a cake looks as good as the one pictured, it really does give off the impression that it takes forever to make. A box cake mix can be used to make the contents of this cake as well as the icing. As you can see, the icing is really nothing major: just popcorn, caramel and butter cream icing. Really simple to make. Some might say, "Oh my gosh! That icing looks like it took hours to make." Or, "that cake looks really good." Which good all be very well true and good however, as a baker, I can look at a cake and tell you upfront before even tasting it if it is worth your palate being touched.

In life, when we bake (create) relationships and friendships, we have to make sure that we put as much effort in the cake (breading) of it that we would into icing. Equal effort.

It is very possible to create the most scrumptious looking cake with the bomb icing and the inside of the cake (the breading part) end up being nasty, stiff and dry. Looks can be deceiving.

In whatever you do in this next phase of your life, be sure to follow these directions when making your relationship cakes.

1. Put more time into making sure that the cake part of your relationships, friendships (whatever "ship" you have) is moist; whether that is through prayer, effective communication, being available, daily encouragement, etc.

2. Make sure that it tastes good to the palate: your minds, spirits and souls

3. Never just feast off of the icing alone (physical portion) because it's the easiest part to make and because it takes less ingredients to make (less time, less dedication, less effort)




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