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Renting Versus Owning

Today, I was thinking about renting vs. owning. I've been a homeowner for over 6 years now but I've rented before. That being said, when you think about renting something, you're basically paying to occupy a space that doesn't belong to you; something that you put no time and investment into. You do a lease agreement, and they tell you how long you can stay and how much it costs. You're basically paying somebody else to occupy their space.

But when you own something, there is another level of paperwork and requirements that you have to go through in order to own it. You even have to put some of your own money into it and then after you put your money into it you also have to continue to put more money, time and effort into it to maintain it.

When you own something, you also gain something that's called equity. When I think about this, I think about our hearts, minds and emotions....our personal space, our PERSON.

Think about this: who are you allowing to own and gain equity in your life when they should be renting? Who should be paying you to occupy that space and who should be building equity in your life?

Please understand that this has absolutely nothing to do with TIME. Just because you've known a person for a long time or you been on the job for a long time doesn't mean that they are allowed or that thing is allowed to have equity in your emotions and your heart and in your mind in your space.

I've always lived by actions speak louder than words. If someone does something for you after they said they were going to do it or they've done something for you without even asking. They pray for you, or do something out of the ordinary or just because that's their nature, that person should have equity in your life.

But if they're constantly draining you, they only contact you when they need something or it feels like every time you're connected to them you feel drained, then you, my friend, are plugged into the wrong thing (A whole separate topic that I'll touch on later) and you're renting a space in their life that you don't even have equity in. They don't really value you. They only care about themselves.

So take some time out and think about it. Who are you allowing to rent in your life and who are you allowing to gain equity? Who do you give equity to that should be renting and who is renting that should really REALLY have a lot of equity in your life?

Cheers to the weekend!


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