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Power Suppliers

I was revisiting a conversation I had with a group of powerfully talented people when I visited LA a couple weeks ago and I wanted to expound on it and give it to you all to think on.

What happens when you plug your phone into the charger? The electricity from the socket moves through the charger and supplies power to the phone. Take a look at your connections. Are they supplying power to you or are they draining you?

With some chargers, when they are near the breaking point and it’s time to buy a new one, that charger will start to drain your phone instead of supplying power to it. How many of us are being drained by our connections, unsatisfactory hobbies, unproductive jobs and stagnant relationships? Think about it.

If someone or something in your life is draining you (causing you to doubt your abilities, talents and gifts…your purpose) instead of giving you that jolt, push and strength to get up and go do something or finish something you’ve started, then it’s time to unplug that charger, throw it away and go get another one.

It makes no sense to sit on that job, plugged in for years and years, knowing that you’re not happy and ALSO knowing that there is something much deeper that God has called you to do. Plug yourself into the right purpose and set of people and see how much your life lights up. The time is now. Stop procrastinating. If you keep plugging your phone into a charger that’s draining it, it will damage the battery. Who has the time and money to replace a battery when all you have to do is buy another charger?

Why go through unnecessary healing from heartache when all you have to do is unplug your life from these things and people that are draining you and plug into a source that will supply you with new and unlimited resources, strategy and HELP!

Let God show you who and what needs to be unplugged and allow his direction to lead you to the right source of power.



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