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Book Written by Racq Symphony

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What happens when a group of friends decide to take a trip to Vegas for some much needed rest and relaxation? Love's Abyss is a classic tale of when dreams meet reality. For these ladies, something that they never thought they would experience will happen during this fateful weekend. Come, have a seat, grab your popcorn and engulf yourself in this exhilarating tale of a sea of love.


A lyrical genius, Andre "A.J." Styles, encounters a woman who has had her fair share of love's disappointment. Her name is Simone Donovan. In a matter of months, their lives change and all that seems to be true is revealed in the light. 


Mason, an architect living in Montgomery, Alabama, finds himself molding into the image of the father he barely remembers. Just like his father, he often finds himself drinking alone and ultimately he finds himself in the middle of a love triangle with two women from the same city: Melody and Sharee'. When they find out about each other, what will be Mason’s fate?


After their trip to Vegas ends, Sasha and her friends go back to their hometowns. Resurrected Promises tells the story of what happens after they left Vegas and how their celebrity rendezvous turn into something more. It gives a microscopic look into their lives and how most women and men enter relationships with baggage and fear.            

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Sia Jacobs, leading black attorney at her law firm runs into trouble at home when she finds out that her loving husband has suddenly left her. She spends the night at the Ybor City Jazz House in Tampa, Florida, sulking about her failed marriage when she encounters T.K., A UPS employee that strikes her interest, among other things.


Chase’s obsession for having his cake and eating it too brings him face to face with the female version of himself, Karma Dandrey. He has no idea why their paths crossed, but he tries everything to make sure she becomes a new member of his sexual harem.  The only way out is through his own decisions, but will he make the right one? Will Karma give him a taste of his own medicine? They say that revenge is best served cold, but Racq Symphony gives us another sizzling hot tale of sex, greed and bad decisions.


In a world of love, lust, deception and dreams, Jade and her friends come together to celebrate her union to Julian in New Orleans. Everything changes, yet everything stays the same. Take a journey into the trilogy of Love's Abyss and Resurrected Promises.


Satisfy your sexual cravings with this anthology of ten short stories that will surely leave you begging for more. Each experience catapults you into a first-person account of mentally stimulating sexual fantasies. Discover what takes place when Daddy takes control, Mimi wants to go to sleep and a few other situations transpire.

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Coming Soon 2020!

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